My name is Annika and I am a professional dog groomer and I also have lots of experience with working with all animals. I have 20 years experience in the animal industry. I was a mobile dog groomer for 16 yrs and I have now set up a one to one grooming service at my home in yapton west sussex
I have a masters in animal care education , I have expereince in dog nutrition and general health care, I am also a microchipping agent , I also have some vet background experiences in dog behaviour and body language.

I am  an adcovate for dorwest herbs veterianry licenced herbal  medicines ,
I have specialised and have lots of expereince in nervous dogs and anxious dogs.
my aim and goal is to provide the best grooming care for your pets , in a professional and friendly kind way I like to work along side with my clinets so we can help maintain your dogs skin and coat and well- being . I dont know everything but I will always try my best to help in anyway I can so that your dog has a positive experience whilst in my care.

I will be providing some products for sale  for all grooming related needs  for your dog ,skin , coat and optimal health products to help  aid with this. I also have my own new branded dog treats which are all naturel .
please contact me directly to make a booking  ask any questions about my services.
booking in advance is essential.
Annika neaks&tidy

Call Me: 07917 273483    List of my service below

Full grooming
This service includes a full styled cut and finish, tailored to your breed or whatever style suits and is manageable for you and your dog.
A shampoo , natural products used and condition , fluff dried and brushed out, removing any dead hair and skin , nail trim, eyes and ears and hygiene area.
please ask for pricing when you have given me more details on your dogs breed and size etc… and I will price accordingly.
Hand stripping – skilled service for hand stripped breeds
specific grooming for the wire haired coat types, this is a technique which includes removing all dead hair and allowing the new guard hairs to come through and promote new healthy growth, it will maintain the dogs coat and texture and colour, although if they have been castrated or spayed it can vary, this inc a nail trim , ear clean and eye clean and a bath and dry in a correct shampoo type to close the skins pores after stripping.
Bath & Brush outs /or a maintenance groom in between grooms also available
This service is to maintain the skin and coat on all breeds, includes a bath and fluff dry, brush , comb out dead loose hairs or any tangles that might have occurred. Hygiene trim and eye and ear clean using natural products.
This service can be also booked in between grooms to keep on top of the longer coats between full groom sessions
so you can book full grooms and maintenance grooms in between.
Since I am now living near the coast , most of you I am sure go for beach walks and salty sea baths why book ahead and we can keep on top on the coats condition , so they wont retain all that salt in there coats!
Puppy introductory to grooming
This is a session block which can be booked out this is a 4 weekly service which is designed to encourage your puppy into the world of grooming, this is so important in their early years, they need to get use to the noise and sights of the grooming studio and clipper noises , scissors ,and sound of hydro bath and dryers. so in this 4 week session once a week I will then build the puppy’s confidence this is only available to puppy’s under 6 months old, then by the end we will then be booking the first full groom, so during this process we will be doing lots of handling and encouragement and the sessions will be around 25-30 mins, you will also receive a puppy first grooming pack which will be a comb, correct brush, shampoo and a bandanna. This is a bespoke package on the 5th week we will be booking in that 1st full grooming session. I will be guiding you along the way with lots of advice and how to handle your dog when grooming. I am also offering a free 5 min teeth cleaning session to get them use to this as well, so why not start them young so it does not become and issue when they are older and help with that brushing.
This package is £100 and a non refundable deposit of £25
All puppies must of had full vaccinations before booking in.
puppies from over 6 months will be classed as a full adult groom
puppies need an introduction , so I can assess their behaviour and also build their confidence and make sure they are ready for their grooming, puppies concentration span 6 months and under is usually not good and we cannot expect them just to know what they are doing and I will not be able to engage in anything without trust. Trust is the most important, they will fidgit and they move quickly , and with sharp equiptment it can be dangerous so this is why sessions to build will help , not all groomers will get everything done on a first session so lets get it right for your puppy and give them the encouragement they need to make the process easier for them and you. Not all breeds are easy and can also be stubborn or take longer to mature in age , with the correct guidance we can just do our best.
A Calm and relaxed environment is also important and what I can provide, to many distractions also will not help , so they can hear and listen to instructions.
So I welcome all puppies to take the journey and make grooming a positive kind and friendly experience.
Ultra sonic teeth cleaning
This service is something extra I offer and there is no pressure, I am doing a 10 mins taster session £10 for dogs that have not had the ultra sound done before as I do not want to push dogs, as its not for all.
usual sessions will be 20-25 mins usually £25 on a regular basis , an initial full consultation and inc a teeth clean is £30, if your dog is not groomed with me . The sessions can be when your dog comes in for grooming or can be on a different booking , just remember I need to allow extra time to do this , Dogs which have calcified plaque build up will take that bit longer to break down and will not be done in one session or more to make you aware your more than likely need weekly sessions to get on top of it. we can discuss a plan if need be and if its too far gone I will advice a vet visit.
Any question on this service and all my services above please contact me directly.
All my prices can be discussed via text or calling so I can price accordingly to the breed size , condition etc..
I welcome any photos of your dogs so I can engage with you the correct service you require.
I am here for your animals welfare and well being, if you need help with picking the correct service please message me .
I require 48 hours notice of any of my services booked by you if you cancel or you will incur a full price of your grooming fee booked. Its short notice and I may not be able to fill the slot up in time.
Pay accepted:- Bank transfer, cash or Lopay card system, all payments must be received before your dog is released.
Neaks&Tidydogs retail shop
collars, homemade dog bandannas and bows made my me, leucillin stockist, shampoo and conditioners (natural)
Natural treats and more products to come!
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Many thanks


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Smaller Dog Breeds
Grooming service for a small dog include bathing, haircut and blow dry, ear cleaning and full grooming options
Microchip Teeth service
Part of our grooming we now offer a new teeth cleaning package plus microchip service with every dog by law should have, contact me for more info
Large Dogs
Our service for a large dog include nail trim, cleaning, bathing, haircut and blow dry plus options and advice you
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