My name is Annika and I am a professional dog groomer and I also have lots of experience with working with all animals. I have 18 yrs experience in the animal industry. I was a mobile dog groomer for 14 yrs and I am now setting up a one to one grooming service at my home in yapton west sussex
I have a masters in animal care education , I have expereince in dog nutrition and general health care, I am also a microchipping agent , I also have some vet background experiences in dog behaviour and body language.

I am  an adcovate for dorwest herbs veterianry licenced herbal  medicines ,
I have specialised and have lots of expereince in nervous dogs and anxious dogs.

my aim and goal is to provide the best grooming care for your pets , in a professional and friendly kind way I like to work along side with my clinets so we can help maintain your dogs skin and coat and well- being . I dont know everything but I will always try my best to help in anyway I can so that your dog has a positive experience whilst in my care.

I will be providing some products for sale  for all grooming related needs  for your dog ,skin , coat and optimal health products to help  aid with this. I also have my own new branded dog treats which are all naturel .
please contact me directly to make a booking  ask any questions about my services.
booking in advance is essential.
Annika neaks&tidy