Some advice on optimum health care for your dog

Vitamin supplements
Added vitamins for your dogs coat and health is essential.
Evening primrose oil I can’t recommend this enough to you. It has essential fatty acids to help with skin and coat and hormones which control it. There are various supplement forms it comes in , digestible, shampoo topically, and conditioning spray’s. Itchy normally means a dry coat, or a possible allergic reaction.
It will help with grooming, overall condition and healthy look, shiney and bright
A dull , scurvy not so shiny coat is not a healthy coat and the dog is clearly lacking in something either in diet or it could possibly be health related underlying condition. Example, Cushing’s, dermatitis, Addison’s disease.

Also piriton can be given to your dog up to 7 in one day for grass, seeds allergic reactions or hayfever , this will help surpress the itch to help the dogs skin from getting further damaged from scratching which will then cause open wounds for then something else that will need treating .

Joints and bones
Glucosamine and chondroitin are essential when your dog is around 8+ unless it’s young and already been diagnosed with ether a bone disease or early onset arthritis. Then it will have seen a vet and been advised on treatment.
In food there are minimal amounts to help support these joints so by using herbal , very natural added supplements are only a bonus to your pets joints these are some I recommend to client’s

Turmeric – to help with arthritis
Green lipped mussel- to support muscle
Apple cider vinegar added to food but look into correct guidelines and correct one for your pet, it also has other great uses Apple cider.
These can be found online.
Dorwest herbs

Nervous anxious dogs

Is always tricky but with help from some supplements , also with training and support dogs can overcome the anxiety they can feel,
But it can also come down to the way you act around your dog!!!! Think how you might be feeling , it gets transfered straight to your pet without you realising.
Anxiety is a fuel from something and it can go in any direction, fear, anger, depression excitability, hyper, hormones .it’s Knowing what triggers it.
As a groomer I’ve worked with many various behaviours in dogs and for lots of different senarios and reasons.
Some supplements work for some and not for other’s but to try is better than to not.
But being In a good.routine and continuity helps and being patient. I’ve worked with some extremely nervous dogs with grooming and A year but now no panting or excessive saliva or shaking all gone, so.its achievable .

I recommend
Dorwest herbs skullcap and Valerian
Used for stressful situations,
Fireworks, car sickness , excitability, especially in entire male dogs. When around bitches in heat.
Also adaptil plug ins dogs or rescue dogs settling in.
Oil burners or diffusers with lavendar or ylang ylang are helpful for relaxation for all. Dogs love nature and the out doors plants and flowers and it’s calming properties are great for this.
If your out and your dog stresses, out a bandana in with a few drops off essential oils
Never !!! put directly on to there skin.

Wounds and grazes , cuts ears eyes

Luecilllin is a fantastic product some of you already have it your dog cupboard which is great , this is a very Amazing product I can’t recommend it enough for all the above you can use it on anything 100%safe and it heals much quicker than most things I’ve used in the past.
For the brachy faces , shihtsu, pugs etc
Leucillin is fantastic around the eyes.
Ears that are dirty or waxy again fantastic on those areas.

Hibiscrub is another used product but cannot be used around delicate areas likes eyes. It also needs to be diluted.
But can be used for anything bacterial or to flush out wounds.

I don’t like to use creams and stuff these days as the above are enough to kill any bacteria or infection starting, if there is already infection then seek vet and get antibiotics or inflammatory pain killers if needed straight away.

Emergency treatments if you have nothing to hand but may have it in your kitchen cupboards.


Sugar is a Natural coagulant
So that can be used as well as pressure on anything that’s cut.

Nails if you do and are happy to cut your dogs nails
Cornflour is also a naturel coagulant place on and hold for pressure if you cut the quik, it can be easily done by professional or dog owners so just be aware of what to do to stop bleeding,
Or buy a syptic powder online. Dogs that are diabetic I would recommend a professional do the nails just in case.

Apple cider vinegar diluted can also flush out wounds etc natural antibacterial , again not to be used around eyes.

Any of the above if your dog has an immediate reaction to it, stop using and flush with regular tap water to dilute.
And take to vets immediately

These are just ideas for you that are simple and cost effective when continuing your dogs health care and well being.

Anyone wanting More information on the subjects I’ve raised please contact me.
Please ask me.
Annika 🐾
Neaks and tidy

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