Pet nutrition for your dogs in Yapton Arundel

Pet nutrition is a huge part of your dogs over all health and well being and also plays a huge part in the health for their skin and coat, what you put in with reflect in their skin , coat and behaviour.

So make sure your dog has a well balanced diet , also when changing over foods look at any signs of change, over all are they more hungry looking for food are they eating it?, it may mean they are not nutritionally satisfied or its not for them or they might be poorly .

There are so many foods out there is overwhelming but find what suits your dog , but also look at the back of the ingredients what is in it , protein meat content , vitamins , minerals what are bulking agents. ?

So its something to think about and also long term as you dog is getting older 8 plus is classed as senior so look at changing food from this point and also adding supplements like joint and bone supplements and also for their skin and coat, this will help obtain their health longer and better.

Natural products are the best way forward and that is something I advocate though out my business

Although I am a dog groomer primarily I have many other experiences when it comes to dogs health and well being under my belt for me and my business understanding dogs health their anatomy and more is quite important when they are in your care grooming or any pet service you should have a good understanding in my opinion.

M.I.A.C.E( masters in animal care education)

professional dog groomer

Canine Nutritional experience

work experiences in vets

Animal care NVQ level 2

I have a Herbal and homeopathic distinction with Dorwest herbs

I have also had experience with canine anatomy and physiology,

Pet retail /product knowledge background and running pet shops and customer service

I also keep up with education where I can , and I am always learning from experiences which is so important.

So please ask any questions or advice and I will do my best to help in any way I can or I’ll try my best to find out.

I also do not claim to know it all or am the best , I just care and I like to think this is me and my unique selling point of what my business stands for as a whole and who I am.

So any questions about myself or my services please get in touch


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