Dog grooming studio is here Yapton West sussex

Dog grooming studio is here Yapton West sussex

Hi all so the long awaited, grooming studio is here and in the wings, my dad and family have been helping me get this ready for up and running it’s not been easy but we got there, so while ive been grooming your dogs in the kitchen ,all the painting and DIY in between everything, this has been blood sweat and tears to get this right , so I can groom everybody’s dogs in a nice calm and relaxed environment on a one to one basis, I couldn’t be more pleased and proud of the achievements and how this has all gone, it’s required so much patience And my dad and my mum’s huge support on this adventure and family this project I started years ago in my head has been nothing short of an amazing ill never forget it and what a journey it’s been even moving to a place we don’t know and hoping that it will all work out .

So I welcome you all to Neaks &Tidydogs grooming studio, with hydro bath and reception and Neaks&Tidydogs retail.

I would also like to thank the support of all my clients and the ones that still stay in touch even though I don’t groom your dogs anymore, you’ve also had a huge part in this and your support has also made this happen, so thankyou.


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